The Capacity Building Committee is the INTOSAI advocate and custodian for SAI capacity development. We facilitate initiatives in support of SAIs and regions building their capacities and enhancing their capabilities.

Word from the Chair

In only about one month, I will have the great pleasure of welcoming you to beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, for the Annual Meetings of the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee and the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Steering Committee!

This time, we are doing things a bit differently, constantly seeking to improve and being more efficient and integrated where possible. At the same time remembering the importance of interesting discussions within the frame of the agenda and of enjoying exchanges of ideas outside the meeting rooms. In addition to the usual agenda points, there will be joint sessions between the CBC and the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation. Furthermore, all members of the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation will be invited to the CBC meeting as observers.

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Given that the ultimate goal of both committees is to strengthen the capacity of SAIs and improve global governance, the CBC and the IDC are now for the first time joining their annual meetings to the same geographical spot and moment in time. We are eager to try out this new format and to combine two important meetings, opening up for positive synergies over time.

Although the format is new, and more people may circulate the conference venue than what would be the case at the usual CBC Annual meeting, most parts of the program will remain familiar. The CBC work streams will get time to meet separately and later on report on their progress to the CBC Steering Committee. The Regional Forum for Capacity Development (RFCD) will meet again, building on the success of its meeting in Stockholm last year.

The regions (RFCD) will have time to share valuable information on their key developments and opportunities.  They will also reflect on their future key focus areas in the context of the Framework for Regional Professionalism, the 2017/22 INTOSAI Strategic Plan, and their own strategic plans.

We are also this year expecting to set up a new work stream with focus on SAIs in fragile situations. The SAIs of Sierra Leone, UK, the Netherlands and Sweden have, together with IDI, prepared a draft terms of reference for the CBC’s consideration. This initiative supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and I am very pleased for the start-up of this work stream.

During the CBC Plenary session I will be happy to recap the highlights of our activities of the last three years, aiming to conclude them together with you in Cape Town, just in time for the upcoming Congress in Abu Dhabi. The CBC has successfully continued on the foundation laid under the capable leadership of Morocco, as refined by the new CBC leadership since 2014.  Among other things, this has been driven through the practical application of the CBC value proposition; by focussing on a strategic role for the CBC rather than numerous new activities; and by deepening cooperation with the other Goal Chairs, the IDI and the General-Secretariat, as well as key external stakeholders.

The development of CBC and the steps taken since INCOSAI in Beijing in 2013, have richly contributed to informing the new Strategic Plan of INTOSAI and will further feed into our own work plan for 2017-2022. This work will require strategic focus from us all and I do look forward to a fruitful dialogue with you on this. I am most enthusiastic about the strategic objectives proposed for 2017-22 and believe that these, and related initiatives, focus on precisely the right capacity development priorities at this stage of the INTOSAI journey.

In December the Governing Board and Congress are expected to approve the CBC take-over of the strategic leadership for the SAI Performance Measurement Framework after the great work done under the auspices of the Working Group on the Value and Benefits of SAIs  (lead by SAI Mexico, within the KSC) and by the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation and secretariat. The pilot version of this pre-eminent assessment tool has been thoroughly tested, revised and enhanced, and is also expected to be endorsed in December. One of the key items of steering committee business at the Cape Town meeting will be the consideration of the draft strategy for the roll-out of the SAI PMF. The CBC has been working closely with the SAI of Mexico; the INTOSAI-Donor Secretariat and IDI to develop the draft strategy and prepare for a smooth approval process and transfer of responsibilities. We look forward to continuing a close cooperation with the IDI to ensure a successful roll-out process.

To inspire this dialogue and set our minds on target, the CBC meeting will include two relevant theme discussions this year:

Theme 1 – Maximizing SAI cooperation in support of capacity development (linked to CBC Strategic Objective 1: “Identify capacity development challenges and opportunities”)

Theme 2 – Maximizing the benefits of SAI PMF in support of SAI capacity development (linked to CBC Strategic Objective 3: “Advocate for and support the development of capacity at SAI level, including maintaining and enhancing the usefulness and use of SAI PMF.”)

It is my hope that you will join me and vice Chair Mr Magnus Lindell, together with INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Steering Committee, in making the 2016 Annual Meeting a success. Welcome to Cape Town! 




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