CBC Guides and Occasional Papers

At the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee meeting in Stockholm in 2015, a working group was established to propose a plan for the management of CBC guides and occasional papers, in preparation for CBC’s engagements with the Common Forum on this issue.

The accompanying report provides background on the origins of the guides and occasional papers and proposes a way forward for the future development and management of CBC publications for ratification by the Capacity Building Committee:

Report to CBC Steering Committee 2016

Documents for CBC Annual Meeting in Washington

INTOSAI CBC Progress Report on Guides and Occasional Papers 18 Sep


Missing CBC-IDSC meeting confirmation?

Missing CBC-IDSC meeting confirmation?

It has come to our attention that not all meeting participants receive their e-mail confirmation after having completed the registration form for the CBC-IDSC Annual Meeting in Washington in September. The information ticked by you in the registration form transfers...