CBC Guides and Occasional Papers

At the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee meeting in Stockholm in 2015, a working group was established to propose a plan for the management of CBC guides and occasional papers, in preparation for CBC’s engagements with the Common Forum on this issue.

The accompanying report provides background on the origins of the guides and occasional papers and proposes a way forward for the future development and management of CBC publications for ratification by the Capacity Building Committee:

Report to CBC Steering Committee 2016

Documents for CBC Annual Meeting in Washington

INTOSAI CBC Progress Report on Guides and Occasional Papers 18 Sep

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CBC Website Statistics now available

CBC Website Statistics now available

At the CBC annual meeting in Washington we promised to share the yearly website statistics with you. Worth noting this year is the top three SAIs visiting the website, being: India Indonesia United States And; how the top down-loaded document no longer is the long...

Post-meeting documentation available

Post-meeting documentation available

Since a few days back, the documentation from the CBC/IDSC annual meeting is available on the website. You will find the work stream reporting dashboards, power point presentations, conclusions of the Steering Committee, list of participants and results of various...