The Capacity Building Committee is the INTOSAI advocate and custodian for SAI capacity development. We facilitate initiatives in support of SAIs and regions building their capacities and enhancing their capabilities.


INTOSAI Journal: Spotlight on Capacity Building

In the latest issue of the INTOSAI Journal you can read about how regional support has helped Nauru to close a fifteen year audit gap. PASAI has designed a regional program specifically aimed to help Nauru achieve sustainability and ensure the Department of Audit...

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CBC Website Statistics now available

At the CBC annual meeting in Washington we promised to share the yearly website statistics with you. Worth noting this year is the top three SAIs visiting the website, being: India Indonesia United States And; how the top down-loaded document no longer is the long...

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Word from the vice-chair

Dear colleagues,

After successful discussions and deliberations in Washington D.C., the Capacity Building Committee is now continuing its work, energized and enthusiastically inspired. The week in Washington D.C. provided opportunities for exchanges that were planned well in advance, but also for new connections and unexpected insights. On a personal note, I truly find such unanticipated meetings to be one of the major benefits of our international community of Supreme Audit Institutions.

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This year’s theme of SAIs in situations of fragility allowed many of us to gain new insights and understand parts of the challenges related to audit operations in an environment characterized by different aspects of fragility. Mrs Yusador Gaye, Auditor General of Liberia, provided a thought-provoking overview of the General Auditing Commission and its history to date. As promoters of capacity building, her story gave us a set of tricky questions to reflect on when it comes to a successful design of development programs. How responsive are we when it comes to the specific needs of SAIs in a fragile context? Are we ready to adapt to the circumstances at hand, in order to achieve change? And at the same time, it was encouraging to find that a devoted organisation under a committed leadership is capable of great achievements also in a challenging environment.

It was apparent that there are many topics of mutual interest for both SAIs and donors. The Synergy Session hosted jointly with the INTOSAI Donor Cooperation showed the advantages of combining discussions between different stakeholders. Supporting SAIs in situations of fragility was but one of these topics. The development of the SAI Performance Measurement System was another area of great interest for donors as well as SAIs. We are of course all interested in measuring how well we are doing and what value we can offer our citizens. Both donors and SAIs have expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to meet and discuss with each other. To me, this meets well our vision of a CBC that is open and invites to dialogue with its stakeholders.

One of the technical innovations of this year’s meeting was the introduction of the interactive menti exercise, which allowed us to collect input from SAIs, the INTOSAI regional bodies and donors simultaneously. We found this to be an appreciated and welcome injection and it provided for dynamic discussions around the table.

The word cloud generated from the discussion bears witness of the multiplicity of ideas and some of the resourceful thinking of which our community consists. Now we look ahead to a year of hard work in our work streams. Our dashboard reporting showed the breadth of ongoing work, and it is easy to see that this is work that will benefit all members of INTOSAI. We thank the World Bank for hosting the 2017 meetings and hope to see you all in 2018. I wish you all a successful end to this year. Magnus Lindell


Blog Spot

The CBC invites members and stakeholders of the INTOSAI community to submit brief texts with personal reflections on a topic of general interest. The views expressed are those of the author and may not correspond with the views of the organization they represent or of the CBC. We welcome these submissions to inspire readers, engage discussions and challenge ourselves to learn from others’ experiences.

We have to change to stay the same

We have to change to stay the same![1] This was the challenging slogan of the 2014 EUROSAI The Hague congress, underlining the importance of innovation and adaptability for our continuing relevance as Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs). With this call to arms in mind,...

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