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The Abu Dhabi Declaration

Please find below the documents and films supporting the CBC’s contribution to INCOSAI in Abu Dhabi, 5-11 December, 2016.

  1. Report of the Capacity Building Committee (CBC) CBC Report 2nd General Plenary session
  2. Position paper: The Enabling Mechanisms required to facilitate and structure professional development at SAI level CBC Position Paper Enabling Mechanisms
  3. Competency framework for public sector audit professionals at Supreme Audit Institutions CBC Competency Framework for Public Sector Audit Professionals
  4. Framework for Regional Professionalism CBC Framework for Regional Professionalism
  5. SAI PMF Implementation Strategy SAI PMF Implementation Strategy
  6. Report of Subcommittee on Cooperative Audits Subcommittee on Cooperative Audits INCOSAI Plenary Session
  7. Report of Subcommittee on Peer Reviews Subcommittee on Peer Reviews Report INCOSAI Plenary Session