Contribute with a News item

News from INTOSAI Regions and CBC workstreams on capacity building efforts and activities

Beneficial to all of CBC and any visitor to the CBC website, is to have a fresh and relevant news flow. This very much relies on contributions from our members/regions/workstreams! It can be through articles, blog items, summary reports from conferences, photographs, ideas, experiences of, and input to, our ongoing capacity development discussion!

How do I contribute

Keep the CBC website in mind, when interesting activities of capacity building nature take place in your environment! This surely should be shared with a greater audience! Write a short text or a bit longer article on the event, a summary – or simply something interesting that you would like to draw attention to. Send your contribution to or, preferably with a logo or picture attached to go with the text.

Do this on a continuous basis, as you probably look forward to reading about others’ experiences too! And you will, as  – if you contribute you will inspire others to do the same.