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Independence Resource Kit

The PASAI Independence Resource Kit (“resource kit”) for SAIs was intended to bring together all the existing materials held by the PASAI Secretariat and its consultants in relation to SAI independence, and make it available as a single resource (via a page on PASAI’s website).

PASAI has prepared this independence resource kit under as one of its strategic priority to strengthen SAI independence, and for the benefit of its members to enable them to:

  1. Understand the principles underpinning SAI independence.
  2. Have access to resources and information to enhance or preserve their independence.
  3. Understand independence as having both legal and practical dimensions, which can be enhanced or preserved through a long-term strategic approach.

The resource kit is now available on PASAI’s website, for use by SAI’s in the Pacific but also more widely. PASAI will update the kit to reflect development in SAI independence both in the Pacific and globally.  The kit will also encourage Pacific SAIs to share their experiences in relation to independence.

Please find the resource kit here: