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Welcome to connect to the ACCC webinar March 2, at 10 am CET.


As a young state with a troubled history, South Sudan is faced with several economic, political, security and humanitarian challenges. Through the ACCC webinar, we are visiting the National Audit Chamber of South Sudan (NAC), where we will talk to the Deputy Auditor General, Mr Tombe Logale Lukak, about their resolve and determination to overcome the challenges their country is facing.

The NAC operates in a highly unpredictable and challenging environment. Government funds for salaries and audit operations are insufficient and political support for a strong audit office is unpredictable. Most government agencies do not have financial statements to be audited and yet despite such a challenging environment, the NAC finds ways to fulfill their mission in the society.

The IMF provided a first round of loan amounting to USD 52.3 Million in 2020, followed by USD 172 in 2021 to the Government of South Sudan. The funding was primarily directed to salary arrears of employees in government and states. The IMF funds were disbursed with the expectation that the NAC would audit the utilisation of the funds and then publicly publish their findings.

The NAC completed the audit of the loans  from the IMF in September 2022 and submitted the report to the President. According to the IMF, “publication of the audit by the Auditor General on the use of the first funds disbursed in November 2020 marks an important step towards greater fiscal transparency and accountability in the use of public resources.”

Join us on March 2, at 10.00 am CET, 2023, to hear more about this interesting story of how transparency and accountability can be strengthened through international support and the resolve of an SAI.


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ACCC Webinar: Visit to the National Audit Chamber of South Sudan
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