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Contiguous Annual Meetings of the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee and the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation in Cape Town, 3-6 October 201620208392420_70154e8e11_k

Time passes quickly and it will soon be time to welcome you all to the upcoming Annual Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa. The meeting will be hosted by the Auditor-General of South Africa, CBC Chair Kimi Makwetu, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. All participants will be invited to welcoming cocktails on the evening of Monday, 3 October, and the joint dinner on Tuesday, 4 October (more details to be communicated at a later stage).

This time, the meeting will have a slightly different format as we welcome integration with the INTOSAI Donor Steering Committee (IDSC), turning two meetings, to a relevant extent, into one.

In the middle of March, the CBC and INTOSAI-Donor Secretariats, together with the IDI worked out the details around the programme of the forthcoming contiguous CBC-IDSC meeting taking place in October 2016. This resulted in a draft outline of the meeting, which was recently approved by both Leaderships, and the preparations for the INTOSAI capacity building event of the year are thus progressing very nicely.

The aim of a contiguous meeting is to move towards greater synergies between the two committees, while also reflecting their differences and the need for each committee to conclude its core business appropriately.

Outline of the October meeting
Monday, 3 October

Morning:    CBC work stream meetings                                                                                                                                             Afternoon:  CBC opening session                                                                                                                                                             Evening:     Welcoming cocktails

Tuesday, 4 October

Morning:    CBC plenary – Theme 1: “Maximising SAI cooperation in support of capacity development”                                       Afternoon:  Regional Forum for Capacity Development (synergy session with the IDSC)                                                               Evening:     Joint dinner hosted by the Chairs of the CBC & IDSC.

Wednesday, 5 October

Morning (1st session):   CBC plenary – Theme 2: “Maximising the benefits of SAI PMF in support of SAI capacity development” (synergy session with IDSC)                                                                                                                                                                     Morning (2nd session):  CBC Steering Committee (CBC concluding its business while the donors hold their coordination meeting)         Afternoon: IDSC meeting kicks off with an outward focused, knowledge sharing session on issues of mutual interest open to all CBC members (e.g. updates on the capacity development data base, the next global survey and global call for proposals, etc).

Thursday, 6 October

All day:       IDSC meeting –  traditional IDSC meeting open to IDSC members and official observers only, focused on core business                         and decision-making

The CBC website will be used as our main information channel and all information. Registration and related details will be available on the CBC website early in May..

We look very much forward to a fruitful contiguous CBC-IDC meeting in a new format and to seeing you in Cape Town in October!


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