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About peer-to-peer cooperation

Peer-to-peer cooperation is the preferred mode of capacity development for a majority of SAIs. Long term peer-to-peer partnerships between SAIs build on common experiences, common missions and a common identity.

– Most importantly, they build on trust between colleagues.

About the workstream

As the CBC peer-to-peer worksteam we aim to be an active community of practice which will:

  • Encourage and create opportunities for SAIs to share their experiences of peer-to-peer cooperation
  • Identify the barriers to successful peer-to-peer exchanges and work with the CBC Secretariat to explore potential solutions
  • Provide easy access to SAIs who are new to peer-to-peer work to speak to, and obtain advice from, more experienced SAIs
  • Help SAIs understand the donor landscape and the types of opportunity that exist
  • Encourage recipient SAIs with more developed capabilities to become providers to other SAIs in their region or locality (e.g. a ‘train the trainer’ approach)
  • Connect with, and draw best practice from, other peer-to-peer support programs outside of the SAI world

The CBC workstream on Peer-to-Peer cooperation regularly conducts workshops, webinars and online meetings on topics relating to the subject. This has included a series with a specific focus on various stages of project management cycle in medium to long-term peer-to-peer cooperation.

What We Do

Current Materials

ToR peer-to-peer 2023
2023-25 workstream dashboard planner

Archived Materials

CBC P2P draft work program 2020-2022 (archived material)
Presentation CBC P2P draft work program