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Know your region

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Ms Enriqueta Chicano Jávega

Strategic objectives of the region

  • Strategic goal 1: Support and broker professional cooperation
  • Strategic goal 2: Support and facilitate institutional capacity development


Mr John Ryan

Secretary General

Controller and Auditor General

Esther Lameko Poutoa

Chief Executive

Leading program implementation for capacity building

Strategic objectives of the region


Transparent and accountable public administration for the benefit of all Pacific peoples.


To promote good governance, public accountability and integrity, and to strengthen SAI capability to deliver quality, impactful and timely audits that enhance public sector performance

Strategic Priorities

1. Strengthening public financial management (PFM) – Advocating for SAI independence and well-functioning PFM systems.

2. Audit quality – Supporting SAIs to deliver their mandate and to enhance audit quality.

3. SAI governance – Supporting SAIs to build their governance and enduring capability.

PASAI works with SAI heads supporting them to address their development needs. There are three key capacity building objectives for PASAI which are:

Strengthening public financial management (PFM)

We aim to support and work with SAIs to enable them to influence legislation and PFM systems to improve their independence. Our goal is to support SAIs in their role to increase Pacific people’s trust in public administration, governance and financial management systems. Part of our support will be through sharing what we know about a well-functioning PFM system, to influence more alignment to good practice, increase system accountability, integrity, ethics and transparency. By sharing our knowledge, we seek to influence those with the power to enact change in accountability practices in public organisations. We will work with SAIs to strengthen their relationships with public accounts committees and other relevant legislative committees. We will assist SAIs to support these committees to understand complex audit reports so that they are used effectively.

Audit quality

We aim to support SAIs to deliver their mandate and to enhance audit quality. We will continue to strengthen the relevance, timeliness and quality of audit work. We aim to eliminate financial statement of government audit backlogs and keep them up to date, ensure that SAIs complete all mandatory financial audits, build the quality of all types of audit work including, performance, financial and compliance audits, and investigations. We provide a quality assurance service for the region, enabling SAIs that do not have the capacity to establish an in-house quality assurance function to access this method of confirming the quality of their audit work.

SAI governance

We aim to support SAIs to build their governance and enduring capability to respond to emerging issues, store audit records securely using electronic audit platforms, and support SAIs in developing their IT audit capability. We want to ensure that SAIs can carry out their role and are able to sustain their capabilities at all times. This includes support for the professionalisation of SAI staff by providing training pathways to achieve recognised qualifications and working with other partners. We will support the development of well-governed SAIs with appropriate internal governance and ethics, financial management and support services, communications and stakeholder management.


Ms Meisie Nkau


Executive Secretariat

Ms Nancy Gathungu

AFROSAI-E Chairperson

Auditor General of Kenya

Mr Gherezgiher Ghebremedhin

AFROSAI-E Vice-Chairperson

Auditor General of Eritrea

Strategic objectives of the region

AFROSAI-E’s mission is to support and cooperate with its member supreme audit institutions (SAIs) to enhance their institutional capacity to successfully fulfil their audit mandates, thereby making a difference in the lives of citizens. 

AFROSAI-E is uniquely positioned to provide credible insights into the progress of its members. We have an unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge about the historical and current challenges our member SAIs face individually and collectively. This enables us to effectively assess future opportunities and match SAI needs with capacity-building initiatives for outcome-driven implementation at the SAI level.

Our strategic goals, as outlined in the Strategic Plan for 2020 to 2024, are:

  • Professionalising public sector accountancy
  • Empower SAIs for greater audit impact and quality
  • Transform SAI organisational capabilities for greater impact
  • Lead by example and deliver on our mandate

Our Theory of Change

Key capacity-building objectives for the region

What we do to capacitate SAIs

Create opportunities for our members to share their knowledge and experiences and establish peer-to-peer support networks.

Research and develop technical guidance manuals, handbooks, template guidance, research papers, and e-learning programmes that are aligned with the ISSAIs and responsive to emerging issues.

Implement targeted in-country initiatives to train, support and capacitate members on specific focus areas.

Support members in assessing their development needs annually through our ICBF Self-Assessment survey.

Conduct regional and sub-regional training workshops on specific audit and institutional focus areas.

Establish country and regional quality assurance practices and conduct triennial quality assurance reviews to monitor compliance with the ISSAIs.

Contact information

Tel: +27 (0)10 286 0104


Address: 10 Hilden Road, Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria, 0081, South Africa