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017203_3002014 CBC Annual Meeting

Please find the links to the meeting documentation and powerpoint presentations of the Lima meeting attached to the Agenda below.

Minutes of the CBC Steering Committee meeting

Draft Minutes from CBC SC meeting, Lima Sept 2014

Photos from the meeting

Lima 2014 Official photo

Lima 2014 Welcoming cocktail

Lima 2014 Work sessions

Lima 2014 Cultural activity



Version: 02 September 2014

Monday, 8 September    (Registration starts on 8 September and continues on 9 September)
 1. Welcoming cocktail hosted by the SAI of Peru (Swissôtel) 20:00
Tuesday, 9 September  
 2. Words of welcome – Comptroller General: SAI Peru 09:00
 3. Opening message from the CBC Chair 09:15
 4. Official photo 10:00
                                                                                                    Tea/coffee 10:30
 5. Ice breaker activity 11:00
 6. The CBC value proposition – a recap on the CBC value proposition as proposed in the CBC Concept Paper
Value proposition (ppt 211k) Concept Paper (pdf 410k)
 7. Introduction of the new CBC website
CBC website (ppt 1,1M)
 8. 1st regional profile slot – OLACEFS
OLACEFS (ppt 5,6M)
Lunch 13:00
 9. Steering Committee issues (open to all)
Steering Committee Agenda (pdf 275k)
Draft Minutes CBC Steering Committee 2013 (pdf 289k)
INTOSAI Platform for cooperation with UN (pdf 693k)
SC3 Report to Steering Committee 2014 En – IS 1 (ppt 423k)
INTOSAI Platform for cooperation with UN(by KOREA SAI) (ppt 304k)
Tea/coffee available to bring into meeting rooms



Existing CBC work-streams (parallel sessions in separate rooms):

Potential new work-streams (participation at three tables in plenary venue):

  • SAI capacity building supply side – strengthening peer-to-peer support (facilitated by AFROSAI-E Secretariat)
  • IntoSAINT as a capacity building tool (facilitated by SAI Netherlands)
  • Capacity building of SAIs in fragile or post-conflict countries (facilitated by AFROSAI Secretariat)







 11. Cultural activity – Tour Lima night (supper / refreshments will be served during the evening’s programme) 19:30
Wednesday, 10 September  
 12. Opening remarks by CBC Chair 08:30
 13. Reflections by the CBC’skey stakeholders(PSC chair, KSC representative, IDI Director-General – approximately 20 min each)
PSC Reflection by the CBC’s key stakeholders (pdf 1744k)
KSC presentation (CBC meeting) (ppt 132k)
PSC presentation (ppt 270k)
14. 2nd regional profile slot – CAROSAI
CAROSAI CBC Lima, Peru Presentation (547k)
Tea/coffee 10:30
15. Theme 1 sessionThe capacity building impact of – • coordinated audits (SAI Peru) • peer reviews (SAI Slovakia)•   SAI Performance Measurement Framework   (IDI)
Coordinated Audits Peru J Garcia (ppt 2,6M)
Presentation Peer review I Ciho (ppt 2,3M)
Presentation PMF – I Gal (ppt 463k)
SAI PMF and Capacity Development E Gorrissen (ppt 158k)
Peer review – Survey 2014 Results and Assessment (pdf 579k)
SAI PMF and Capacity Development – IDI (pdf 721k)
 16. 3rd regional profile slot – PASAI 12:30
Lunch 13:00
 17. Theme 2 sessionStrengthening SAI capacity – forging strategic partnerships (introduced by SAI UK)
Who does what D Goldsworthy (pdf 86k)
Forging Strategic Partnerships (pdf 250k)
 18. 4th regional profile slot – AFROSAI
Tea/coffee 15:30
 19. Theme 3 sessionInter-regional cooperation – options for inter-regional and cross regional cooperation (introduced by OLACEFS)
Inter regional cooperation (949k)
20.  5th regional profile slot – ASOSAI, followed by ASEANSAI
ASOSAI, followed by ASEANSAI (pdf 973k) 
20.2 ASEANSAI (ppt 5,5M)
20 ASOSAI (ppt 197k)
End of plenary programme 17:45
 21. Official dinner 20:00


Thursday, 11 September  
 22. 6th regional profile slot – ARABOSAI
ARABOSAI A Chebbi (ppt 2M)
 23. Theme 4 sessionBuilding capacity to meet expectations in the Post-2015 Development Agenda(introduced by the CBC Vice Chair and the INTOSAI General Secretariat)
Report of High Level Panel on Post 2015 Agenda (pdf 3,6M)
Proposal of Open Working Group for sustainable development goals (pdf 457k)
 24. 7th regional profile slot – EUROSAI 09:30
Tea/coffee 10:00
25. Organically evolving CBC opportunities and areas of work:

  • Existing and potential new work stream reports
  • Opportunity for members and observers to make inputs from the floor

These slides represent an initial summary of the discussions. The issues raised, and proposals made, during the meeting are not reflected in these slides. Based on the inputs received on these slides, the outcome of the CBC meeting will be compiled in a work plan.
Organically evolving CBC opportunities(100k)

Lunch 13:00
26. Way forwardAdoption of resolutions and a joint CBC work plan 14:00
 27. Steering committee issues (continuation from 9 September session) (open to all)
Steering Committee Agenda (pdf 102k)
Presentation Peer review IG ISSAI 5600 (ppt 478k)
Presentation Subcommittee 2 (ppt 2,9M)
Presentation Subcommittee 3 (ppt 478k)
Presentation by Director of Strategic Planning (pdf 166k)
 28. Closure 15:30
 29. Departure 16:00



AFROSAI-E Bulletin no. 1, 2024

AFROSAI-E Bulletin no. 1, 2024

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