Peer-to-peer cooperation

Peer-to-peer cooperation is the preferred mode of capacity development for a majority of SAIs. Long term peer-to-peer partnerships between SAIs build on common experiences, common missions and a common identity. Most importantly, they build on trust between colleagues.  

One of the key strategies in INTOSAI’s Strategic plan tasks the CBC with supporting and promoting medium to long term peer-to-peer cooperation between SAIs in support of institutional development.  

Medium and long term peer-to-peer cooperation was a theme discussed at the CBC’s annual meeting in Kuwait in 2018. Following up on those discussions, the CBC will encourage INTOSAI members and stakeholders to share their experiences of peer-to-peer cooperation through blogs and articles, strive to create opportunities to exchange experiences of peer-to-peer cooperation, share information about peer-to-peer cooperation, identify good practices and promote the use of peer-to-peer cooperation.

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