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The CBC Secretariat continuously strive to make sure that the website is active and current, presenting diverse and interesting materials relating to SAI capacity development. In an effort to make the website even more active and relevant, we invite different people of the INTOSAI community to write a relatively informal text, something of a blog-like submission (about 500 words) for the CBC website. We aim to publish about one such text every four weeks, and you may be next!

How do I contribute

All contributions to the CBC website are most welcome! One way of doing this, is to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences with other public sector auditors worldwide – by publishing a blog item on the website.

We are looking for submissions that are:

  • Written from a personal perspective.
  • Focused on ideas, reflections or observations of general interest, i.e. topics and issues that can encourage reflection, be inspiring or broaden the horizons of other readers in the SAI community.
  • Not (overly) pitching a particular report, program, initiative etc. of the SAI or organization where you work.

The text should be written from your personal perspective, based on your experiences. So rather than: “The workstream, region or SAI has done X…”, the point of departure should be more of: “When the workstream, region or SAI did X, I learned/observed/experienced/got an idea to do Y…”.

You are of course in the best position to say what issues are on your radar right now. However, the members of the CBC Editorial Board are more than happy to act as sounding boards, discuss a suggested heading or just advise on angle or on a subject. All contributions pass via the CBC Editorial Board before publication (presently led by Jeremy Weingard, UK NAO. Other members are Tio Tiueti of SAI NZ; Peter Opiyo of SAI Kenya; Johanna Gardmark and Camilla Lindstahl of SAI Sweden).  Please read earlier items on the CBC website blog section for inspiration:

Please send your text to or We also kindly ask you to provide us with a photograph, it is always nice to have a face behind the text.

Once published, all blog items get an explanatory “disclaimer” formulated as follows:

The CBC invites members and stakeholders of the INTOSAI community to submit brief texts with personal reflections on a topic of general interest. The views expressed are those of the author and may not correspond with the views of the organization they represent or of the CBC. We welcome these submissions to inspire readers, engage discussions and challenge ourselves to learn from others’ experiences.

Document Library

Contribute to the CBC Document Library

Please, contribute by sending us guides, tools and peer review materials. We will as soon as possible publish it in the Document Library

Send the material to

News Items

Contribute with a News item

News from INTOSAI Regions and CBC workstreams and members on capacity building efforts and activities

Beneficial to all of CBC and any visitor to the CBC website, is to have a fresh and relevant news flow. This very much relies on contributions from our members/regions/workstreams! It can be through articles, blog items, summary reports from conferences, photographs, ideas, experiences of, and input to, our ongoing capacity development discussion!

How do I contribute

Keep the CBC website in mind, when interesting activities of capacity building nature take place in your environment! This surely should be shared with a greater audience! Write a short text or a bit longer article on the event, a summary – or simply something interesting that you would like to draw attention to. Send your contribution to or, preferably with a logo or picture attached to go with the text.

Do this on a continuous basis, as you probably look forward to reading about others’ experiences too! And you will, as  – if you contribute you will inspire others to do the same.

TFIAP case studies

Contribute To TFIAP (Task force on INTOSAI Auditor Professionalisation)

Please send your text to or


AFROSAI-E Bulletin no 9 now available

AFROSAI-E Bulletin no 9 now available

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AFROSAI-E Bulletin no 9 now available

AFROSAI-E Bulletin 7 and 8 available

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