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After Meeting Documentation, Cape Town October 2016

Please note that all preparatory documents are available under Programme and Meeting Documents. Below are presentations and reports given during the meeting, as well as the meeting resolutions.


Monday 3 October                                                                                                                                                                                    

CBC opening session

Kimi Makwetu Opening Session

Report from the Professional Standards Committee

Dr Alangari’s Presentation

Presentation from the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation

Tuesday 4 October

CBC plenary session – Theme 1: “Maximising SAI cooperation in support of capacity development”.

Conclusions of Theme 1

Shared experiences:

SAI Sudan: QA Review Experience

SAI Norway: SNAO-OAGN Cooperation

Theme Discussion: Peer Evaluations as Method for Learning

SAI India: Joint Training (International Training Programmes)

SAI Philippines: Joint Training (on ISSAI Implementation) – ASEANSAI

CAROSAI: Experience of a Cooperative Audit on Revenue Management

Regional Forum for Capacity Development:

Regional Professionalisation

IDI: Strategic Management by INTOSAI Regions

  • Strategic perspectives from the regions on key challenges and opportunities to successful capacity development (panel discussion)

Wednesday 5 October

Synergy / joint session – Theme 2: “Maximising the benefits of the SAI PMF in support of SAI capacity development

Theme 2 Introduction Kimi Makwetu 

SAI PMF – A Tool for all SAIs

IDB: The SAI PMF and the Importance for SAI Assessment for Capacity Development

SAI New Zealand: The Significance of SAI PMF for INTOSAI Professionalisation

CBC Steering Committee

CBC Steering Committee Resolutions

INTOSAI Strategic Plan – presentation and endorsement of CBC Strategic Objectives and Initiatives

Report of Subcommittee on Cooperative Audits (Peru)

Report of Subcommittee on Peer Reviews (Slovakia)

Report from IntoSAINT (Netherlands):                                                                                                          

Report of Task Group on INTOSAI Auditor Certification (South Africa) and below also please find the video “Let’s meet Livhu“:


Report of the Regional Forum on Capacity Development (South Africa)

Report on the SAI PMF Strategy (South Africa/IDI)

SAIs in fragile situations (Sweden): Draft ToR for Work Stream on SAIs in Fragile Situations

CBC Guidance (UK): Report on CBC Guides and Occasional Papers                                                                      

CBC website (Sweden): CBC Website Statistics

Approval of CBC Work Plan (2017-19) – The Draft CBC Work Plan will be based on a summary of the work stream reports.

Venue and proposed dates for next meeting – TBD



INTOSAI-Donor Steering Committee – for documents please refer to distribution made by INTOSAI-Donor Secretariat.