Workstream on Audit of donor funds


The CBC steering committee approved in September 2021 the establishment of a new workstream, focusing on the Audit of Donor Funds. The workstream is chaired by the Swedish National Audit Office and works to achieve CBC’s strategic objective 2.5: “Engage strategically with the wider international development community in the interest of SAI capacity development.”

The work stream’s objective is that SAIs and donors make informed choices when engaging in the audit of donor funds, while safeguarding SAIs’ independence and respecting their national mandate.

The work stream aims to support this objective through:

  • Engaging with donors and SAIs to identify good practices,
  • Sharing information, knowledge and experience about the benefits and challenges of SAIs audits of donor funds.
  • Encouraging the application of good and sustainable practices in the SAI and donor communities.

A work plan will be developed, further operationalizing the course of actions.

The workstream on the Audit of Donor Funds is based on open and voluntary contributions. The contributors may consist of donors, development partners and SAIs from donor and recipient countries.

For further information or if you would be interested in contributing, please to contact Magdalena Karnebäck, Senior International Advisor, the Swedish National Audit Office.


Documents and reports

For further information, please contact workstream chair, SAI Sweden.