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Post-meeting documentation 2023

CBC Annual Meeting

20 June

Session 1: Opening Session

High-level panel discussion on peer-to-peer cooperation

Budget credibility

21 June

Session 2: Partnering for quality capacity development.

Peer-to-peer cooperation -digging deeper into the challenges and opportunities.

Building on an eco-system of partners

Capacity of regional organisations as a key success factor for SAI capacity development

21 June

Session 3: Quality People

HR focus with an emphasis on competence management

21 June

Session 4: Quality and relevant audits as a foundation of high-impact SAIs

Do we have the right mindset about quality management?

Quality management in small and/or developing SAIs

Audit impact

Conclusion and reflection on quality and relevant audits

Regional forum

22 June

CAROSAI’s capacity development journey

A perspective on the role of accountants and auditors through a PFM lense

Lessons learned in partnering for enhanced PFM

The value-adding role of civil society in the PFM value chain

Conclusion and way forward