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The ACCC workstream aims to hold two or three webinars per year on topics of particular relevance for SAIs in complex and challenging contexts. Should the information below not be sufficient, please do not hesitate to contact or

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Empowering audits: OAG Somalia’s journey towards a modern and independent audit law

20 February 2024

Navigating the audit bill process in a challenging context

In this interesting CBC/ACCC webinar colleagues of SAI Somalia shared their experiences from how they recently achieved a significant milestone by getting their audit bill signed into law last September. The journey towards establishing this legal framework faced numerous challenges, including political complexities within the country. Ms Mariam Abdirazak Awale (Special Assistant to the Auditor General) and Mr Said Birmad Egal (Legal Advisor of the OAG) took us through how they overcome challenges and successfully steered the bill to approval. The webinar highlights the resilience of SAI Somalia and serves as a source of inspiration for other SAIs striving to establish their legal frameworks. Listen to the story behind the importance of this achievement, using this pass code: P8qV8&*k and the link below.

ACCC visit to: SAI Ukraine

27 September 2023

ACCC invited to a webinar with the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine (ACU), “Visit to SAI Ukraine”. In this very strong and emotional testimony our colleagues at the Ukrainian SAI shared how they manage to maintain their work operations and everyday life through the extremely challenging times of an ongoing war.

Please find the link to the webinar recording here (passcode: Speci@l3vent):

ACCC visit to: SAI Sudan

2 March 2023

As a young state with a troubled history, South Sudan is faced with several economic, political, security and humanitarian challenges. Through the ACCC webinar, we are visiting the National Audit Chamber of South Sudan (NAC), where we will talk to the Deputy Auditor General, Mr Tombe Logale Lukaka, about their resolve and determination to overcome the challenges their country is facing. The NAC operates in a highly unpredictable and challenging environment. Government funds for salaries and audit operations are insufficient and political support for a strong audit office is unpredictable. Most government agencies do not have financial statements to be audited and yet despite such a challenging environment, the NAC finds ways to fulfill their mission in the society.

Webinar recording (passcode: mVR6?ckP):

Working with Parliaments, in particular Public Accounts Committees

16 December 2021

In many countries Parliaments are our key stakeholders. When our financial audits are produced, when our performance audit reports are published, their impact is increased substantially if the parliament receives the audits and uses them to hold the government to account. Exploring working with parliaments’ whose PACs are relatively new, we heard Mr. Nejib GTARI, First President of the Court of Accounts Tunisia and Mr Ilir Salihu, Deputy Auditor General.

Webinar summary: Summary from webinar on Working with Parliaments

Ppt material: Working with Parliaments, Kosovo and Tunisia CoA presentation

Getting Connected

9 November 2021

Getting connected is not always easy and for many SAIs it has been exceedingly difficult to continue to operate effectively due to the pandemic. In this webinar Fabian Tonda, Head of ICT at SAI Uganda talked about his experience in Uganda, describing the situation he faced when he took over, outlining did so far and what challenges that remain (ppt: CBC PRESENTATION)Frederick Bobo, AFROSAI-E’s IT audit manager spoke about what he and the regional group of IT experts try to do, what are the main challenges, and how they try to manage these (ppt: AFROSAI-E presentation – Getting connected Nov 2021).

Webinar summary: Getting Connected Summary

Gaining and safeguarding independence

1 July 2021

In this webinar, IDI outlined recent work to support SAI independence, including work with international development partners, and the launch of a rapid response capability to use when the independence of SAIs is being threatened. 

Webinar summary: 20210701 Summary

Professionalisation of audit staff

8 June 2021

Facilitator of the webinar was Mr Bruce Vivian, Senior Manager, Professionalisation, AFROSAI-E.

Speakers from SAI Moçambique and SAI Afghanistan also shared their experiences in this very well visited webinar. Please find the link to the Youtube clip created by SAI Afghanistan here: – and the slides presented by SAI Mozambique: CERTIFICATION PROGRAMME FOR EXTERNAL AUDITORS JANUARY 2020.

Webinar summary: 20210608 Summary

Recruiting and Retaining Staff

16 March 2021

The participants were taken through the new infographic on Recruting and Retaining staff and took part of interesting input from the SAIs of Sierra Leone and Rwanda.

Webinar summary: Recruiting and Retaining Financial Audit Staff – webinar summary 16 March

IPSAS: Implications for SAIs

28 January 2021

Khalid Hamid, International Director, CIPFA lead the discussion, and alsoMicah-Tebah Belleh, Audit Manager of SAI Liberia spoke on: “Experiences of adopting the IPSAS on SAI Liberia and supporting the Ministry of Finance”.

Webinar summary: 28 January webinar IPSAS Summary

We want to get to a new level as a SAI, now how do we make it happen?

3 November 2020

The First Presidents of the SAIs of Madagascar and Niger shared their experiences of setting priorities and engaging donor support.

Webinar summary: Niger and Madagascar webinar summary

Covid-19 implications for SAI strategic management

15 June 2020

Led by Ms. Dafina Dimitrova, Senor Manager of IDI’s SAI Governance Department

Webinar summary: June 15 Summary 

Dafina Dimitrova’s presentationCBC presentation June 15 Summary

Lessons from auditing the management of funds donated to fight the Ebola outbreak in 2014 in Sierra Leone

29 April 2020

Led by a Deputy Auditor General of SAI Sierra Leone, Mr Tamba Momoh.

Mr Tamba Momoh’s presentation: Audit in an Emergency – SAI Sierra Leone Eloba audit experience

Webinar summary: available soon

OAG Somalia’s historic financial and compliance audits: First hand experiences of delivering audits in complex and challenging contexts

18 March 2020

The Auditor General of Somalia Mr. Mohamed M. Ali is interviewed by IDI’s Jostein F. Tellnes, followed by a discussion among participants.

Webinar summary20200318 Summary webinar Somalia OAG

Challenges facing SAIs in responding to the needs of the state

21 January, 2020

The webinar was led by the Deputy Auditor General of the Office of the Auditor General of Kosovo, Mr Salihu. He shared how SAI Kosovo responds to requests for audits from Parliament and civil society organizations.

Webinar presentation: 20200203 PowerPoint presentation SAI Kosovo

Webinar summary: 20200203 ACCC SAI Kosovo webinar summary final

How are SAIs contributing to business development

15 October 2019

The webinar led by the President of the State Audit and Administrative Control Bureau of Palestine, Mr Iyab.

Webinar slides (ppt): 20191015 How are SAIs contributing to business development

Webinar summary: 20191015 Business Development Webinar Summary

Public participation in the audit process

11 June 2019

Webinar led by Deputy Auditor General of Kenya, Mr David Gichana.

Webinar summary: 20190611 Webinar summary

Meeting expectations with limited resources

10 April 2019

Webinar lead by SAI Sierra Leone.

Webinar presentation: meeting expectations

Paper: Managing expectations with limited resources 

Webinar summary: 20190410 Webinar summary

Building trust of Governments – and keeping it

First ACCC webinar

Webinar lead by Ms Yusador Gaye, Auditor General of Liberia.

Building Government’s Trust with Citizens – ppt

How is trust lost – notes