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CBC/IDSC Annual Meeting 2017

We are pleased to welcome you to the CBC annual meeting 2017, hosted by the World Bank in Washington D.C., USA.


Please note 1! Early arrival to the meeting is recommended for smooth security clearance, allowing for the meeting to start on time. Bring government-issued photo identification. The World Bank offices open at 08.00 AM. Address: Main entrance on 1818 H Street NW.

Please note 2! Bring your own adapters for US sockets, as well as chargers and/or other devices that you may need to ensure availability of meeting documentation in a paperless meeting.


Meeting Documents


Logistical Information

20170913 Draft Agenda CBC Annual Meeting Washington NEW

List of participants


Monday 18 September                                                                                                                                                                                 

CBC work streams

09:00-10:30 Cooperative Audits/ IntoSAINT/ SAI PMF

Agenda Subcommitee cooperative audits

Agenda for SAI PMF work stream meeting 

Agenda for CBC IntoSAINT work stream meeting

IntoSAINT Chair’s Report 15sep17

IntoSAINT Chair’s Report powerpoint



11.00-12.30  Peer Reviews/ TFIAP/ SAIs in Fragile situations

Agenda Subcommittee on Peer Reviews

Agenda SAIs in Fragile Situations NEW

SAIs in Fragile Situations – SAIs and state building

13.30-17.00  Steering Committee – Progress on CBC Operations

Agenda CBC SC Monday PM

2.1 CBC reporting dashboard TFIAP

2.2 CBC reporting dashboard Guides

2.3 CBC reporting dashboard peer review

2.4 CBC reporting dashboard cooperative audits

2.5 CBC reporting dashboard RFCD

2.6 CBC reporting dashboard IntoSAINT

2.7 CBC reporting dashboard SAIs in fragile situations

2.8 CBC reporting dashboard SAI PMF

2.9 Dashboard Strategic Communication with Stakeholders

2.10 CBC reporting dashboard website

CBC Work Plan – high level 2017-2019

17.30-20.00  Welcome reception hosted by the World Bank.


Tuesday 19 September

09.00-12.30  CBC Opening session

13.30-17.00  Theme 1: INTOSAI Strategy for Capacity Development

INTOSAI Strategic Plan 2017-22 ENG


Wednesday 20 September

09.00-12.00  CBC Regional Forum for Capacity Development (RFCD)

Agenda Regional Forum

INTOSAI Framework for Regional Professionalism

13.00-15.45  Synergy session – Supporting SAIs in fragile situations

SAIs in Fragile Situations – SAIs and state building

16.00-19.00  CBC Steering Committee

1. Draft agenda CBC Steering Committee 2017 NEW

2. Draft minutes CBC Steering Committee 2016 NEW

3. Draft CBC Terms of Reference

4. SAI PMF Annual Progress Report 2017

4. SAI PMF Communication Strategy (28 08 17)

4. SAI PMF strategy adopted at XXII INCOSAI

4d. Approval of SAI PMF Annual Plan

5. Draft Guide for Strengthening SAIs

19.30 Joint dinner hosted by the World Bank.


Thursday 21 September

INTOSAI-Donor Steering Committee – for documents, please refer to distribution made by INTOSAI-Donor Secretariat.