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The CBC leadership and secretariat are happy to soon welcome you all to this year’s contiguous meeting of the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee and the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Steering Commitee, generously hosted by the Board of Audit of Japan. The meeting(s) will take place in Tokyo on 1-4 July, 2019 (for IDC documentation, please contact the IDI).

Below please find relevant information regarding the meeting in general, as well as documentation for the CBC steering committee meeting.


CBC Annual meeting agenda (updated with venues)

High level program including presenters 2019

General Information Tokyo meeting 2019

Invitation letter from President Kobayashi 2019


CBC Steering Committee Meeting

Draft agenda – Tokyo 3 July 2019

1. Approval of Draft steering commitee agenda 26 June and attendance.

2. Approval of Draft minutes CBC Steering Committee in Kuwait 2018

3. Dashboard progress reports and value propositions for 2020-2022 by the CBC work streams:

a. Cooperative audits (SAI Peru) Cooperative audits dashboard 2019 – Cooperative Audits Strategic Plan 2020-22

b .Peer reviews (SAI Slovakia) Peer review dashboard 2019 – Peer review work plan 2020 – 2022

c. Task force on INTOSAI auditor professionalization TFIAP (SAI South Africa) TFIAP dashboard 2019TFIAP work plan 2020-22

N.B. Please find the “Competency Framework for public sector audit professionals” and the “Guide on Professionalisation pathways” here: Competency Framework Final (2 MB)  –  Guide on professionalisation pathways final (5 MB)

d. IntoSAINT (SAI Mexico) IntoSAINT dashboard 2019 – IntoSAINT Work Plan

e. Auditing in complex and challenging contexts ACCC (SAI Sweden) ACCC dashboard 2019 – ACCC workplan 2020-22

f. Regional forum for capacity development RFCD, including the INTOSAI-Regions coordination platform (SAI South Africa)  RFCD dashboard 2019 – RFCD work plan 2020-22

g. CBC guides and occasional papers (SAI Kenya) Guides and papers dashboard 2019 – CBC Guides & Papers workplan for 2020-2022

h. Peer-to-peer cooperation (Sweden) – including approval of terms of reference Peer-to-peer cooperation dashboard 2019 – ToR Peer-to-peer cooperation

i. SAI PMF reports

-SAI PMF governance (SAI South Africa)

-SAI PMF implementation, and 2020 planning (IDI) SAI PMF Progress Report 2019 – Revised SAI PMF strategy

-SAI PMF Independent Advisory Group’s report – SAI PMF IAG Annual Report 2019

4. Approval of new CBC members

5. Report on goal chair collaboration

6. Funding of CBC activities

7. Preparations for INCOSAI

a. Presentation by INCOSAI host (SAI Russia)

b. CBC interventions during INCOSAI

8. Venue and proposed dates for 2020 meeting

9. Any other business

10. Closing remarks