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What does the Coronavirus pandemic mean for INTOSAI regions: Strategic priorities and operational challenges?

On April 30, the General Secretariat of ARABOSAI organized a webinar about “The role of regional organizations in responding to Covid 19 crisis “ as the beginning of several webinars. The main objective is to provide the support and the accompaniment to the Arab SAIs, as they have to ensure the continuity of their work and protect their auditors especially considering the role assigned to them in this pandemic crisis.

Below please find the insights from the first session of the ARABOSAI-COVID-19 webinars cycle, moderated by Faisal Mani (ARABOSAI Technical adviser in charge of capacities development workstream) and Ben Lazreg Abdelhakim (IDI). The report is written by Walid Magroun (ARABOSAI Junior Technical adviser in charge of audit in complex and challenging context related activities).

What does the Corona virus pandemic mean for INTOSAI regions – webinar report