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Please read this inspiring article written by Mouna MSEDDI, Magistrate and President of the regional chamber of Court of Accounts of Tunisia, Sfax, and Anis MASMOUDI, Magistrate at the regional chamber of Court of Accounts of Tunisia, Sfax, and Coordinator of the Hack4Transparency event.

The article is about an amazing hacking-event for public auditors taking place in Tunisia during the spring of 2019, resulting in a significant number of new ideas and projects beneficial for the SAI processes and as such, for the value of the citizens of of Tunisia. The article begins:

Who in the SAI community has ever heard of the term “Hackathon”? For us, the first time was last year during the preparation of the 50th anniversary of our SAI festivities. Its 50th anniversary was celebrated on March 8, 2018 with an international workshop on «The role of SAIs in promoting good governance». During the preparation of this event, the SAI’s partners, especially the World Bank, proposed the organization of a Hackathon for the Court… One year later the Hackathon was launched in Tunis on March 8, 2019…”

Read the whole story here: Hackathon4Transparency SAI Tunisia