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Item 1 Welcome and approval of agenda

Draft Steering Committee Agenda 

Item 2 Overview of pre-approved documents

Pre-approved documents (i.e. 2022 minutes, workstream dashboards, Terms of Reference and workplans) 

Item 3 Workstream take-aways from Tuesday 20 June inputs 
Item 4 CBC Budget 2023-24 

CBC budget 2023-24

Item 5 Update on for Goal 2 Operational Plan implementation  
Item 6 Update on SAI PMF implementation

6.a -SAI PMF update

6.b – SAI PMF implementation progress 

6.c – Advisory Group report 

Item 7 CAROSAI initiative in support of SAIs in small island developing states and complex and challenging contexts 

SIDS motion and concept note

Item 8 Format and frequency of future CBC meetings 

Motion regarding format of meetings

Item 9 Any other business 
Item 10 Closing