Task Force on INTOSAI Auditor Professionalization  (TFIAP)



In February 2014 the INTOSAI Finance and Administration Committee set up a task group under the leadership of the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee to explore – together with the IDI, PSC, other INTOSAI structures and identified SAIs – the concept, feasibility and options for INTOSAI undertaking a process for the certification of auditors.

The two key deliverables that the TFIAP committed to produce in the period 2016 to 2019, the updated competency framework and the new guide on pathways for professional development, are now available. Please find them here:

INTOSAI Competency Framework revised

Guide – Pathways for Professional Development of Auditors in SAIs

Please also find the TFIAP report to the CBC steering committee 2019 here:

TFIAP dashboard report to CBC SC 2019

And the final external research on professional pathways:

Final report sent to GIZ_27-11-2018



Task Force on INTOSAI Auditor Porfessionalization (TFIAP) 

Introduction and background

In 2014 the former Finance and Administration Committee (FAC) of INTOSAI requested the CBC to lead a FAC task group to research certification and other key aspects of professional development in INTOSAI, which at the end of that year resulted in a White Paper on Professional Development in INTOSAI, with a number of recommendations.  Arising from the White Paper, the 2014 Governing Board requested the task group to conduct more detailed research on professionalisation and to develop a competency framework for possible piloting within the INTOSAI community in the long term.

At XXII INCOSAI in December 2016, the Governing Board adopted two key outputs produced by the task group:

Furthermore, the Governing Board approved that the FAC task group be disbanded and replaced with a Task Force on INTOSAI Auditor Professionalization (TFIAP) under the CBC given the committee’s strategic objective to ‘strengthen structured INTOSAI professional development as an anchor for professional capacity development and potential INTOSAI auditor professionalization’.

The mandate given to the TFIAP was to continue researching enabling mechanisms required to facilitate and structure professional development in INTOSAI, and to utilise the competency framework as a basis for further discussion and refinement of the concepts related to professional development in order to provide INTOSAI with a set of professional pronouncements on auditor competence in the next three to six years, including the development of specific professional development options.

Strategic concept for the TFIAP 2017-19

The CBC secretariat has developed a “TFIAP Strategic outline 2016-2019” to guide the work of the task force. This document has been finalised during the second meeting of the TFIAP in Washington during September 2017. Over and above that, the TFIAP has also developed a “Roadmap towards 2019 INCOSAI” as a more current reflection of its work-plans and proposed deliverables, which was considered during the 2018 Stockholm meeting of the task force. Lastly, the CBC Steering Committee has also approved the terms of reference of the task force during its 2018 meeting in Kuwait.

TFIAP strategic outline (FINAL)

ToR TFIAP (05 june 2018)


On-going Activities

Task force meeting, Vienna, 25-26 April 2019

Please find the documentation useful for the upcoming Vienna-meeting below:

Competency Framework (19)

Response to comments – framework

Guide on professionalisation pathways (14)

Response to comments – guide

Invitation to become a member of the TFIAP

Letters to invite INTOSAI members to join the TFIAP until the next INTOSAI Congress in 2019 have been sent out in April 2017. Anybody that is interested in joining the work of this task force, can make contact with janvs@agsa.co.za.





Auditor of the Future

1. SAI South-Africa case study

Concept Document

Detail Unpacking of Concept

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2. Global Audit Leadership Forum (GALF) – 2015

Adithi Pandit submission (GALF 2015)

PWC submission (GALF 2015)

SAI New Zealand submission (GALF 2015)

SAI South-Africa submission (GALF 2015)

Concluding statement (GALF 2015)

Key documents and reports

Please find below relevant TFIAP documentation:

Guide on professionalisation pathways final

Competency framework final

And report(s):

TFIAP dashboard report to CBC SC 2019







Video links

INTOSAI Competency Framework 2019

(Please note that this video is 14 MB and may take time to download/view)



Explaining the INTOSAI Competency Framework

Developing professionalization pathways – a brief introduction
(Please note that this video is 33 MB and may take time to download/view)

This video expands on the process flow for professional development that was developed during the first TFIAP meeting in Brasilia, early in 2017. The process flow has also been reworked and will now be contained in the guide on “Developing pathways for professionalization of auditors in a Supreme Audit Institution”.

Developing professionalization pathways
(Please note that this video is 70 MB and may take time to download/view)


Blogs on:


Professionalisation Success Stories

Thoughts About the Auditor of the Future


Please find the membership list of TFIAP here:

TFIAP Members list (August 2018)


Chair of Task Force

Mr Jan van Schalkwyk

Email: janvs@agsa.co.za

Executive in the Auditor-General’s office • Auditor-General of South Africa
Tel: +27(0)12 422 9823 • Fax: +27(0)12 426 8257 • Mobile: +27(0)82 376 2246 •

Auditor-General of South Africa (AGSA)
P.O. Box 446
Pretoria 0001
South Africa. E-mail: IR@agsa.co.za.


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A short note in times of Covid-19

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CBC/IDC annual meetings 14-18 September 2020, in Jamaica.

CBC/IDC annual meetings 14-18 September 2020, in Jamaica.

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Seminar on Professionalisation at Swedish NAO

Seminar on Professionalisation at Swedish NAO

Between his participation in the IDI Board meeting and the meeting on INTOSAI standards in Oslo, Mr Jan van Schalkwyk; Corporate Executive at SAI South Africa and chair of the CBC Task Force on INTOSAI Auditor Professionalisation (TFIAP) was invited to the Swedish NAO...

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