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Assessment and ongoing improvement

Assessment and ongoing improvement involve using a variety of tools and processes to test or measure compliance with the requirements defined in the standards of the profession, and to measure the performance of the SAI holistically. SAIs should measure their and their staff’s performance – the SAI Performance Measurement Framework (SAI PMF) is the preferred tool for measuring the performance of a SAI.

Cooperative audit promotional video.


Sustainable organisational change – good practice in peer-to-peer partnerships

GUID 9000 - Cooperative Audits between SAIs

SAI PMF website

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions.

ACCC Webinar: "Public participation in the audit process"

The ACCC workstream aims to hold two or three webinars per year on topics of particular relevance for SAIs in complex and challenging contexts.

SAI PMF Workstream

International framework for self, peer, or external assessment of a SAI’s performance.


A Tool to Assess the Integrity of Supreme Audit Institutions

Subcommittee on Peer Reviews

Promote best practices and quality assurance through voluntary peer reviews.

IDI’s SAI independence Resource Kit

For in-country donor staff

NEWS for Assessment and ongoing improvement