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We are pleased to share the latest blog from PASAI, on the topic: Achieving Audit Independence in the Pacific – part 1. 

This blog is the first in a series of two blogs to provide public auditors with an introduction to the concept of audit independence. It also contains information about how to measure audit
independence – including the four dimensions of ‘Audit Independence’ within the INTOSAI Supreme Audit Institution ‘Performance Measurement Framework (SAI PMF)’ and the Public Expenditure and
Financial Accountability (PEFA) tool used to examine the external audit function of a public financial management system of a country.

The next blog looks at SAI PMF results for audit independence in the Pacific region and shows a clear picture of the current state of audit independence in the Pacific. Strategies to strengthen and achieve SAI independence are discussed. The PASAI Secretariat’s initiatives to support SAIs in the region to achieve audit independence are also outlined.
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