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As previously promised, please find the second PASAI blog, on the topic: Achieving Audit Independence in the Pacific – Part 2.

This blog post is the second in a series of two exploring the concept of audit independence and its role in promoting transparency, accountability and good governance in a
country (part 1 was published on the CBC website on 31 March). In the previous blog, the definition and measurement of audit independence was explored (PASAI – SAI Independence blog – Part 1).
This post explores the SAI Performance Measurement Framework (SAI PMF) results for audit independence in the Pacific region. We discuss strategies to strengthen and achieve SAI independence.
Finally, we outline the PASAI Secretariat’s initiatives to support SAIs in the region to achieve audit independence.

The PASAI Secretariat’s work on audit independence is funded by the ‘Strengthening of Public Finance Management and Governance in the Pacific Project’ (PFM). This project aims to strengthen oversight over public financial management in the Pacific region through improving the budgetary scrutiny, public financial oversight and accountability capacities of parliaments, supreme audit institutions and civil society within the region, aligning with international public financial oversight and accountability standards.

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