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A survey carried out earlier this year by the CBC Subcommittee on Peer Reviews, under the leadership of SAI Slovakia, shows that 85 peer reviews have been conducted of SAIs since 1999. According to the survey the peer reviews were welcomed by both the SAI under review and the SAIs on the peer review team.

Peer reviews have helped audit offices to confirm good work being done as well as to identify areas for improvement. Both peer review processes and the final reports have proved to be learning processes which contribute to the continuous improvement of audit organizations all around the world.

However, the survey confirmed earlier observations that there seems to be an imbalance in both which SAIs subject themselves to peer reviews and which SAIs participate in the review teams. 34 of the 85 reported reviews were carried out in EUROSAI, followed by 14 in AFROSAI. EUROSAI members also participate in peer review teams to a greater extent than SAIs from other regions. In an effort to diversify participation in peer review teams and increase participation from different regions, the survey asked respondents to indicate an interest in participating in future peer review teams. SAIs from six regions volunteered their services, which will hopefully broaden peer review participation in the future.

If your organization has undergone a peer review or participated in a review team which is not included in the report, please inform the CBC through Mr Imrich Gál of SAI Slovakia ( If you would like to share your peer review report or Memorandum of Understanding you can also submit it directly on this website.

The Chair of CBC Subcommittee for Peer Reviews is pleased to share the fundamentals derived from the survey in the reader-friendly formatted report found below.

Annual Survey on SAI Peer Reviews 2015