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The Steering Committee of the INTOSAI Knowledge Sharing Committee met in Cairo, Egypt 14-15 October, under the chairmanship of Mr Sharma, Auditor General of India, to receive reports from its working groups, and make a number of decisions, in preparation for the meeting of the INTOSAI Governing Board in November. The Capacity Building Committee was invited to the meeting, along with the Professional Standards Committee and the INTOSAI Development Initiative to share its progress since the INTOSAI Congress in Beijing in October 2013.

The CBC, represented by Johanna Gårdmark from the CBC Secretariat, gave an update on the value proposition expressed in the concept paper drafted by the CBC leadership, the discussions held during the CBC Annual meeting in Lima, Peru, and an overview of the goals for the committee in the years to come.
The KSC is active in a number of areas of relevance to capacity development, including training activities and cooperative audits in specific areas, such as environmental auditing; as well as drafting of good practice guidance and working papers in areas such as the audit of public debt or the fight against corruption and money laundering.
The CBC, as well as the PSC, underlined the importance of close cooperation between the goal chairs to ensure efficient and effective use of INTOSAI resources and to avoid overlaps.