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In a recent blog Jane Rogers (Sector Manager, Office of the Auditor-General, New Zealand) shares with us how SAI New Zealand is part of a group of 18 SAIs from across the world that have been working with SAI Brazil on the ClimateScanner project. The ClimateScanner is a web-based tool that allows SAIs to carry out a rapid review and assessment of government climate actions in three areas:

  • public policies,
  • governance, and
  • climate finance.

The tool involves researching the climate-related actions in these areas and making an independent assessment of their adequacy using a grading scale. Among the project’s aims is for SAIs to become more familiar with climate actions in their jurisdictions and to enable them to conduct climate-related audits in the future. SAIs from all INTOSAI regions are encouraged to participate in the ClimateScanner project for maximum impact. Each SAI assesses its own government and completes the web-based tool. The information collected will then be consolidated into a global picture. This will be presented at the 29th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP29) at the end of 2024 and will show strengths and challenges in governments’ climate actions around the world.