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After one year of hard work, with the active support of the CBC and INTOSAI Regional Groups in the diffusion of a global campaign, the CBC Subcommittee on Cooperative Audits has the pleasure to introduce the new INTOSAI Experts Database (EDB).  This database, with a new interface, new filter search and direct access, is ready to be used by the INTOSAI Community.

Easy identification of INTOSAI experts

The capacity building and strengthening of Supreme Audit Institutions is a fundamental task, ensuring the necessary competences and knowledge to fulfil our roles for the benefit of citizens and public control. With this in mind, the new Experts Database aims to contribute in consolidating professional expertise of SAIs, as well as support mutual cooperation both bilaterally and internationally. The EDB will help simplify the identification of experts for knowledge exchange under the motto of our global organization “Mutual experience benefits all”.

Make your experts visible

The specialization in government audit make SAIs, with no doubt, the owners of a privileged know-how regarding methodologies, procedures and experiences for the audit of public resources. Through knowledge transfer, one SAI is able to contribute to another SAI’s strengthening.

Therefore, it is crucial to register your experts in the EDB, making them visible to the INTOSAI community and worldwide. They will thus contribute to promote the value and benefits of Supreme Audit Institutions.

Beyond the ordinary tool

It is the wish of the CBC Subcommittee on Cooperative Audits for the new Experts Database to go beyond being a tool, but become a bond for a culture of knowledge exchange and experts’ network benefitting efficient and sound Supreme Audit Institutions.

For further information on the Experts Database, please go to the page of Subcommittee on Cooperative Audits or contact: and cooperació

by Mirtha Piscoya Díaz

SAI Peru