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Yusador Gaye, Auditor General of Liberia, lead the first webinar on behalf of the CBC workstream Auditing in Complex and Challenging Contexts (ACCC). The topic, “Building trust of Governments – and keeping it”, was identified as an issue of common interest during the CBC forum for Auditors General in complex and challenging contexts, held in Johannesburg earlier this year. Colleagues from SAIs around the world joined in the discussion, asking questions and sharing their experiences. The webinar was made possible with the help of the IDI’s Blackboard platform, and was recorded to enable others to benefit from the discussion.

Please find below the link to access the recording session:

You will also find the power point and notes from the presentation here:

Building Government’s Trust with Citizens – ppt

How is trust lost – notes

The ACCC workstream aims to hold two or three webinars per year on topics of particular relevance for SAIs in complex and challenging contexts. They will be advertised in advance on the CBC website.