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OAG Somalia’s historic financial and compliance audits: First hand experiences of delivering audits in complex and challenging contexts

18 March 2020, at 2 pm Somalia time.

In 2019 the Office of the Auditor General of Somalia for the first time audited the financial accounts of the Federal Government of Somalia. The SAI also issued two compliance audit reports – one for the security sector and one for the non-security sectors. The audit findings got wide media-coverage in Somalia and internationally, and there are clear indications action is being taken to address the findings. The reports can be downloaded at

OAG Somalia operates in a very challenging environment. Some of the issues raised in the upcoming webinar will be:

  • How did the SAI manage to produce these audit results in its challenging environment?
  • In the absence of financial statements, how did the SAI engage the Accountant General so statements were issued?
  • How could the SAI audit and report publicly compliance issues in the security sector, with all its sensitivities and gross spending?

The Auditor General Mr. Mohamed M. Ali will be interviewed by IDI’s Jostein F. Tellnes. After the short interview there will be an open discussion for participants to explore the issues raised. The webinar is expected to run for up to an hour.

To participate in the workshop, you will need to log on using Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge via the following link: