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SAI leaders often have a vision of where they want to head. They know there is a need to strengthen skills, produce better audits, and introduce new IT. In challenging and complex context, the list sometimes can seem daunting and the resources scarce. Strategic plans are developed but too often are only partially implemented.

A key question is how SAIs can both make relevant strategic plans as well as put in place the conditions for their successful implementation? This is a big challenge taking into account what is feasible for the SAI given its human and financial resources and the national support for the SAI. SAIs need to find ways to motivate and involve staff so that they are committed to change. They need to find ways to partner with external agencies willing to stay with them for the long haul and able to provide the support SAIs need, not what others think are needed.

Since 2018 the SAIs of Madagascar and Niger have worked hard on this together with the peers in the Accelerated peer-support Partnership programme (PAP-APP). This enabled them by mid-2020 to have both new results oriented strategic plans in place as well as large scale multi-year donor support for their key strategic priorities. How did they get there and what are the lessons learned?

On 3 November at 2 pm (UK time) the First Presidents of the SAIs of Madagascar and Niger will share their experiences of setting priorities and engaging donor support.

To participate in the webinar, you will need to log on using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge via the following link:

Main speakers:

  • Premier President of the Court of Accounts of Madagascar M Jean de Dieu Rakotondramihamina
  • Premier President of the Court of Accounts of Niger Prof. Oumarou Narey


  • Senior Manager, IDI Bilateral Support – Jostein Tellnes

The webinar series has been designed primarily for Heads of SAIs and senior managers but is open to any SAI members who wishes to participate. The webinars typically last for an hour including a brief presentation and comments and questions from participants.