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SAI members of the AFROSAI Capacity Building Committee met in Dakar, Senegal, from 7 to 9 February 2017, for the annual meeting of the Committee. Hosted and organized by the Senegal Court of Auditors, chair of the AFROSAI Capacity Building Committee, the Dakar meeting was a forum for the elaboration of the committee’s Work Plan 2017, in preparation of the 14th AFROSAI Governing Board meeting, taking place later this year in Windhoek, Namibia.

The work at this meeting had two main articulations. The first articulation, described as “reporting session”, consisted, on the one hand, of sharing among the meeting participants the results of INCOSAI held in December 2016 in the United Arab Emirates. On the other hand, the meeting provided an update on the implementation of the first edition of the Women Leadership Academy, and on the activities of the Committee as presented at the 51st Meeting of the AFROSAI Steering Committee. The second part of the meeting, which was much more technical, focused on the preparation of the 14th AFROSAI Governing Board. The main questions addressed during this technical session were:

Preparation of the technical topics to be discussed at the AFROSAI Governing Board.

Three (3) themes will be discussed at this General Assembly, namely:

  1. Human resources management and performance of SAIs;
  2. Cooperation SAI – Justice;
  3. Financial audit: challenges and prospects.

Further discussed was the launch of the AFROSAI Science Competition 2017, which is organized every 3 years as a prelude to the AFROSAI Governing Board. The objective of this competition is to generate technical input from AFROSAI SAI staff on issues of public finance control. For the 2017 edition of this competition, the theme chosen is: “Sustainable Development Goals: what relevant contribution to SAIs in the context of countries in Africa“.

Launch of the 2nd edition of the Women Leadership Academy. The members of the AFROSAI Capacity Building Committee agreed on the main thrusts of the 2nd edition of the WLA and the role to be played by the Committee in its implementation. They also recommended the involvement of all present member SAIs to ensure the WLA’s ownership, as a major activity of the committee. Similarly, the members of the committee requested that regular communication be made by the WLA with all SAIs in order to maximise interest and involve the largest number of SAIs.

The mid-term evaluation of the AFROSAI Strategic Plan 2015-2020. With the year 2017, the AFROSAI Strategic Plan is at the mid-point of its implementation. It will therefore be necessary to carry out an initial assessment of its implementation, to see to what extent it aligns its strategic orientations with those of the new INTOSAI Strategic Plan. Discussions of the committee members focused on CRC’s contribution to the mid-term evaluation exercise of the Strategic Plan as part of a Task Force to be set up for this purpose. This will bring together the members of the two AFROSAI Committees, representatives of the language sub-groups, and the General Secretariat.

From left to right: The First President of the Niger Court of Auditors, the Auditor General of Sierra Leone, the First President of the Audit Office of Senegal, the Auditor General of Kenya.

For this mid-term review, the members of theAFROSAI Capacity Building Committee recommended that consideration be given to funding the activities of the Strategic Plan through the involvement of the INTOSAI-Donors Cooperation in their implementation.

AFROSAI’s cooperation with Regional International Organizations and advocacy with Technical and Financial Partners. The meeting reviewed the papers presented by the Secretariat to build cooperation with the Regional International Organizations on the one hand, and to structure the advocacy with the Technical and Financial Partners on the other. In the exchanges that took place it was recommended that these documents be enriched by the integration of a formulation of the AFROSAI Values Proposal, as well as the identification of actions to be undertaken in the short, medium and long term, to build cooperation with continental organizations, and to interest the TFPs in the activities of AFROSAI and its SAIs.

All of the items discussed resulted in a Work Plan 2017 of the AFROSAI Capacity Building Committee. This will serve as a guideline for the activities to be carried out by the committee for the year of 2017.

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