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Waste management is crucial for all countries around the world. It serves to find an effective and efficient system for mitigating any potential environmental risks resulting from the increasing amounts of different types of waste. In this context, the SAIs are keen to provide public sector institutions with the needed support and assistance to help them improve their performance, develop their capacities, and ensure an effective, efficient, and low-cost execution of their plans and projects.

In this cooperative audit task, four arab SAIs (the State Audit Bureau of Kuwait, the State Audit Institution of the Sultanate of Oman, the State Audit Administrative Control Bureau of the State of Palestine, and the National Audit Chamber of the Republic of Sudan) assessed the performance of their respective stakeholders in the field of solid waste management.

Here you will find the Executive summary of the consolidated report of this audit Executive summary Cooperative audit on solid waste management and recycling eng, and below you will find a video presenting its key findings and recommendations (5 MB).