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Global public sector auditing norms and contexts differ. But Supreme Auditing Institutions around the globe are in full agreement: competency, capacity building and the professionalisation of our industry have never been more important. In November this year, close to 200 heads of SAIs will meet in Brazil for the 24th International Congress of Supreme Audit Institutions to reflect on and continue the important work already done in this regard. In addition to its statutory duties and functions, this tri-annual gathering has the important mandate of sharing information, aligning global best practice and supporting independence through relevance.

Of specific interest this year is the endorsement of a global auditing competency framework that guides and supports the development and support of competent people, which is one of the four fundamentals of professionalism along with:

  • International standards on public sector auditing;
  • Holistic performance management; and
  • Ideal working environments for SAIs to successfully execute their mandates.

Professionalism and competence are the bedrocks of public trust.

We look forward to connecting and engaging on these and other critical issues affecting our industry on 7 November.

See you there.