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Kimi Makwetu, Chair of the CBC, delivered a principal lecture on Global Capacity Building Challenges at the inauguration of the new training centre of the SAI of Peru in Lima, Peru, on 1 March 2017.

In his key message to the international audience he spoke about the need for SAIs, as institutions promoting good governance and the effective, efficient and economic use of public resources, to deal with the development of the SAI’s capacity as a strategic priority. Mr Makwetu specifically noted that it is important to develop audit professionals who are able to deal with the challenges of the future and not only now. He also emphasised that learning and development should be guided by the best available global standards.

Anchoring capacity building in the organisation’s strategy will ensure top management’s commitment and support. It is also incumbent on the SAI leadership to see to it that development initiatives are tailored in terms of unique institutional needs, but still adheres to the highest possible global standards.  Mr Makwetu concluded that it is critical to ensure adequate resourcing of development efforts in a sustainable manner.