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The INTOSAI Governing Board met in Moscow on 15-16 November. The CBC Vice Chair, Magnus Lindell, reported on progress made by the CBC and its workstreams in relation to the CBC workplan and the INTOSAI Strategic Plan. The summary (INTOSAI Governing Board 2018 Summary), now available on the INTOSAI website, highlights some of the decisions related to the CBC’s operations:

• Encouragement of SAIs to undergo SAI PMF assessments and to engage actively in such an assessment.

• Transition of the leadership in the Workstream for Guides and Occasional Papers, from the SAI UK to the SAI Kenya.

• Support of the draft guide on Developing Pathways for the Professional Development of Auditors in a SAI, aimed at utilizing the INTOSAI competency framework to develop public sector audit professionals in the most context-appropriate way, including the recently completed global research results.

The CBC’s report and the Vice Chairs presentation can be found here:

CBC report to 71st GB

CBC report to GB – powerpoint 

Annexure B SAI-PMF annual report 2018 (IDI)

Annexure C Independent Advisory Group Report to CBC 2018