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Click here for: Minutes from the EUROSAI Peer-to-Peer Capacity Building workshop in the Hague 12-14 feb 2019.

Representatives from eight EUROSAI member SAIs and the IDI met over three days, 12-14 February, in the Hague to share experiences of peer-to-peer cooperation. With an ambition to improve quality of delivery and increase the quantity of peer providers, colleagues shared what they had learned from both sensational successes and fantastic failures.  Experienced peer-to-peer provider partners presented and discussed the key steps in a project cycle in an effort to identify good practices and learn from one another.

Participants generously shared information about methods, approaches and tools which can be used by others, including a cultural workshop and data science applications (SAI Norway – Geir Ambro seen on picture to the left), models for internal incentives for participation in peer-to-peer cooperation (SAI Latvia), an interactive IT Audit Handbook (SAI Portugal), the database of peer-to-peer partnerships (IDI) and web based security training and games used for interactive learning (SAI Sweden). In another session, participants shared work in progress in areas such as learning techniques, working with ethical dilemmas, cooperation relating to audits of extractive industries and models for scaled-up support.

The workshop, hosted by the SAI of the Netherlands, was a joint effort by EUROSAI and the CBC and conclusions from the meeting can be found at the top of this page.