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The  INTOSAI  Experts  Database  is  a  support tool for the development of professional  and  institutional capacities under the responsibility of the Subcommittee  on  Cooperative  Audits.  The  first  version  of the Experts Database was launched in 2009 and was then restructured in 2014 for the use of all INTOSAI Community. This  new version enables the search of experts by regional group, country, language, specialization and participation in activities such as cooperative  audits, internships, peer reviews, elaboration of professional standards, etc. The new filters will help SAIs to easily identify potential experts  to  provide  assistance, along the different domains of government audit,  to  help  them  in the strengthening and building of capacities for their SAIs.

Please read more on the separate page of the CBC Subcommittee on Cooperative Audits.