Goal 2 Operational Plan


Following the very successful meeting of the INTOSAI-Regions Coordination Forum in Oslo earlier this year, and the crafting of a first ever Operational Plan for INTOSAI’s Strategic Goal 2 (Capacity Development), the CBC Steering Committee on 20 September adopted the 2023-25 Operational Plan for INTOSAI’s Strategic Goal 2 (Capacity Development). The plan has been developed as Goal 2’s contribution to supporting the first three years of INTOSAI new strategic plan 2023-28 and will be presented to INTOSAI’s Governing Board on 7 November for approval.

Please find it here: CBC Operational Plan 

The IRCP meeting was aimed at developing a deeper and common understanding of INTOSAI’s goal 2 landscape and to develop capacity development needs and priorities to be addressed in the future. The plan is based on a mapping of the current and future capacity development initiatives across INTOSAI into six broad focus areas:  (i) Competent people, (ii) High quality audits, (iii) High impact audits, (iv) SAI external environment, (v) SAI internal environment, and (vi) Global environment for effective SAI capacity development.