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Representatives of the leadership of INTOSAI’s Goal Committees met for three productive days in in March, under the able leadership of SAI India as KSC Chair. In addition to the PSC Chair and Vice Chair (SAI Brazil and the European Court of Auditors) and the CBC Chair and Vice Chair, the Chair of the Forum on INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements (FIPP), Ms Åse Kristin Hemsen attended the first day of the meeting. While Ms Hemsen was in attendance the Goal Chair representatives received feedback from the recent FIPP meeting; discussed roles and responsibilities in the standard setting process; deliberated the next steps in the preparation of INTOSAI’s new strategic development plan for standard setting; considered the way forward in the creation of a technical support function; and discussed the process for recruitment of new members of FIPP.

Representatives of the Goal Chairs meet annually to discuss such issues of mutual interest and joint responsibilities, with the purpose of improving communication and coordination and avoiding overlaps. The hope is that this cooperation will result in both better quality and efficiency in our processes, to the benefit of INTOSAI’s members. Other issues which were discussed included the INTOSAI Community Portal and how it can be further enhanced to meet the needs of auditors around the world. Furthermore, how we might work together in INTOSAI to better address the needs of the SAIs working in the most complex and challenging contexts, and how we can ensure and communicate a high quality of INTOSAI products which are not part of the INTOSAI Framework for Professional Pronouncements (IFPP). We also spent some time planning upcoming events such as the INTOSAI Coordination Platform in Cape Town, South Africa, in May, and INCOSAI in Moscow in September.

If you have any questions regarding the cooperation between the Goal Chairs, please do not hesitate to contact any of the secretariats of the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the PSC, CBC and KSC.