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During three productive days, INTOSAI’s global bodies and INTOSAI regions met in Cape Town, South Africa, to discuss issues and coordinate efforts to the benefit of INTOSAI members. The SAI of South Africa hosted more than 50 representatives from all INTOSAI regions, all INTOSAI Goal Chairs, the Policy, Finance and Administration Committee, the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation, the General Secretariat, the IDI, the INTOSAI Journal and the next INTOSAI Chair.

Inspirational introductory speeches by both the Auditor General and Deputy Auditor General of South Africa, Mr Kimi Makwetu and Ms Tsakani Ratsele, set the tone for a high level of engagement and commitment to identifying problems as well as opportunities and solutions.

The agenda covered a wide variety of subjects, identified as priorities by the participating bodies. Some of the issues discussed were:

  • The importance of leadership and INTOSAI’s role in strengthening current and future leadership within INTOSAI and its members.
  • The current state of ISSAI quality and utility and what can different parties do to further the quality of INTOSAI professional pronouncements and other INTOSAI products.
  • Challenges and success factors in ISSAI implementation, including the need for professional quality control and quality assurance processes to support the implementation.
  • How to better coordinate INTOSAI communication to improve impact and increase accessibility.
  • What is currently underway in INTOSAI relating to the audit of the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how coordination can be improved.

Participants also received information about the upcoming INCOSAI in Moscow, the updating of the SAI PMF Implementation Strategy and the strategic development of the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation, among other things.

Presentations and conclusions from the IRCP can be found on the CBC website under the menu tag Regional Coordination Platform, or – right here:

Photo cred: Heather Santos, INTOSAI Journal (GAO)