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It is with pleasure that the CBC today launches a refreshed version of the CBC website! Thanks to the considerable work and all contributions made by the workstreams to keep this a living website, it has now undergone a well-deserved facelift.

With a new CBC leadership in place, it seemed natural to take the opportunity and make a mark by giving ourselves a slightly new profile. The intention has not been to change the look altogether, as we still want visitors to feel familiar with where they are, but we wanted to give everyone a sense of a new experience.

It was decided to emphasize Professionalism as our new point of departure and “umbrella” for the website, under which our operations and activities are categorized according to the “four fundamentals of professionalism”, i.e. the pre-requisites for a professional organization:

Ideal working environment

Where you will find articles, webinars, infographics, and other inspiration relating to independence and SAI relation to governments and other stakeholders, impact of audits, communication of reports etc.

Standards and Guidance

Where you will find the latest ISSAIs, reports and CBC guides and guidelines for inspiration and general guidance.

Competent People

The most important asset to a SAI, here you will find anything that relates to professionalization, recruitment, or retention of staff, such as CBC guides and occasional papers etc.

Assessment and ongoing improvement

Here you will find documents, guides and inspiration for SAI assessment, links to our workstreams IntoSAINT, Peer Review and SAI PMF. All to encourage SAIs to invest time and effort in regular self-assessment or external assessment.

What is now showing on the website, will gradually build up with new incoming guides, papers, infographics, videos, and articles that will add to our joint pool of capacity development resources. The contributions from our members and stakeholders in the form of articles, blogs, guides, and papers will continue to be crucial to make the website an active arena of sharing capacity development experiences.

Welcome in!