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A webinar series organised by the CBC workstream Peer-to-peer Cooperation (P2P) focusses on exchanging lessons learned on the project management cycle in medium to long-term peer-to-peer cooperation. In the first webinar, led by SAI Norway and SAI The Netherlands, various SAIs were brought together to discuss “initiation and needs assessment” (see here for documentation). This first session in the series sparked a lively debate, allowing SAIs from all over the world to share their perspectives on peer-to-peer cooperation initiation and needs assessment. Through the discussions, both in the breakout groups and plenary session, participants of the workstream gained valuable insights into the working strategies of other SAIs and got to know their international colleagues through interesting conversations.

Now we are very much looking forward to the second session “Design Planning” which will take place on 25 November, where SAI France and the IDI will take us through this interesting topic.

For more information, please contact Marike Noordhoek: