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Please find below the documents in preparation for the annual meeting in Kuwait. The meeting is paperless and we will not prepare any binders with meeting documentation. If you are a CBC steering committee member, you will receive a separate e-mail with documentation for the steering committee meeting and the SC meeting documentation will be available under “Steering Committee” on the website.

The meeting is held contiguously with the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation’s Steering Committee meeting also this year. The documentation for this meeting will be sent separately, by the INTOSAI-Donor Secretariat.

Meeting documentation, 3-5 September, 2018 in Kuwait:

The complete program for the meeting Final Programme 2018 CBC-IDC meetings Kuwait

Reference documents for the Opening Session

Reference documents for theme 1: Putting people first – prioritizing the development of human resources

Reference document for theme 2: Forward together

The theme session planned for the morning of Wednesday 5 September during the CBC meeting, will focus on medium and long-term peer-to-peer cooperation.  Five cases will be presented in café table discussions where each participant will be able to engage with the representatives from the organizations concerned – ask questions, dig deeper, learn more and think about what each of us might be able to learn from their experiences.  The five cases are presented in the below paper. You will have a chance engage with three of the five cases, so please consider which cases peak your interest and come prepared with questions.

Peer to peer cooperation cases