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As we all know, 2020 resembles no other year and we are all forced to look into new ways of working, communicating and remaining relevant. The arrangement of the CBC annual meeting will due to the circumstances this year be a bit different and the CBC leadership and secretariat are happy to herewith announce the following dates for the CBC 2020 digital events.                           On the dates below you will find digital solutions for panel discussions and interesting thematic sessions that we hope members and stakeholders will find interesting and relevant – and the outcomes of which we will feed into the CBC Annual meeting of 2021. Of course, a date has also been decided for a digital CBC Steering committee meeting:

Tuesday 9 June 13.00-15.00 CET

Webinar and panel disicussion on SAI capacity, performance and relevance during and subsequent to COVID-19

For more information and registration please click: 


COMING UP SOON – Do not miss!

17 June 07.45-10.30 CET (EAST session) and 15.45-17.30 CET (WEST session)

SAI-Civil Society relationships in the interest of strengthened accountability and transparency

Synergy session with the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation. More detailed information and registration procedure will be available shortly, keep an eye regularly on the website!


A LITTLE LATER ON – next round of events:

15 September: CBC Steering Committee meeting

6 October (session East): SAIs auditing of donor funds

7 October (session West): SAIs auditing of donor funds



So – hold the dates for a digital CBC 2020!