The ACCC workstream aims to hold two or three webinars per year on topics of particular relevance for SAIs in complex and challenging contexts. Should the information below not be sufficient, please do not hesitate to contact



Upcoming webinar:

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Earlier webinars:

18 March 2020:

OAG Somalia’s historic financial and compliance audits: First hand experiences of delivering audits in complex and challenging contexts”.

The Auditor General of Somalia Mr. Mohamed M. Ali is interviewed by IDI’s Jostein F. Tellnes, followed by a discussion among participants.

Webinar recording: CBC workstream on Auditing in Complex and Challenging Contexts. – recording_18

Webinar summary: 20200318 Summary webinar Somalia OAG

21 January, 2020: “Challenges facing SAIs in responding to the needs of the state”

The webinar was led by the Deputy Auditor General of the Office of the Auditor General of Kosovo, Mr Salihu. He shared how SAI Kosovo responds to requests for audits from Parliament and civil society organizations.

Webinar recording:

Webinar presentation: 20200203 PowerPoint presentation SAI Kosovo

Webinar summary: 20200203 ACCC SAI Kosovo webinar summary final

15 October 2019: “How are SAIs contributing to business development”

The webinar led by the President of the State Audit and Administrative Control Bureau of Palestine, Mr Iyab.

Webinar recording: CBC workstream on Auditing in Complex and Challenging Contexts. – recording_16

Webinar slides (ppt): 20191015 How are SAIs contributing to business development

Webinar summary: 20191015 Business Development Webinar Summary

11 June 2019: “Public participation in the audit process

Webinar led by Deputy Auditor General of Kenya, Mr David Gichana.

Webinar recording: CBC workstream on Auditing in Complex and Challenging Contexts. – recording_2

20190611 Webinar summary

10 April 2019: “Meeting expectations with limited resources

Webinar lead by SAI Sierra Leone.

Webinar presentation – Meeting expectations (ppt)

Paper – Managing Expectations with limited resources

20190410 Webinar summary

First ACCC webinar: “Building trust of Governments – and keeping it

Webinar lead by Ms Yusador Gaye, Auditor General of Liberia.

Webinar recording:

Building Government’s Trust with Citizens – ppt

How is trust lost – notes