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Post-meeting documentation 2022

Meeting agenda and powerpoint presentation

CBC Steering Committee meeting main ppt

Draft agenda CBC SC 2022 (update1309)

Documents approved in advance by the steering committee

Overview of pre-approved documents 2022

New documents for approval

Motion on sustainable participation in INTOSAI meetings/events
Goal 2 Operational Plan for 2023-25

Brief reports on key issues/developments

New SAI PMF Implementation Strategy 2023-2028SAI PMF Progress Report 2022 and the SAI PMF Independent Advisory Group (IAG) Insights 2022
New task force on Citizen Participation in Audit – ToR for INTOSAI CBC TFCP (endorsement version)


Documents to be endorsed by GB and/or Congress (Goal 2 Operational PlanISSAI 150 final with Guid 1950 and Guid 1951, and HR Management Guide).