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Task Force on INTOSAI Auditor Professionalization  (TFIAP)


In 2016 the INTOSAI Governing Board established the Task-force on INTOSAI Auditor Professionalisation (TFIAP) to do development work on the concepts of auditor competence in INTOSAI.

The two key deliverables that the TFIAP committed to produce in the period 2016 to 2019, were the updated competency framework and the new guide on pathways for professional development. Please find them here:

INTOSAI Competency Framework

Guide Pathways for Professional Development of Auditors in SAIs.





Professional pronouncements on auditor competence endorsed at INCOSAI in November 2022





Please have a look here: TFIAP Journey timeline

On-going Activities

In the period 2020 to 2022 the TFIAP will focus on the following work areas:

  • Developing three professional pronouncements on auditor competence for inclusion in the INTOSAI Framework of Professional pronouncements (IFPP)
  • Providing access to competency profiles for positions other than audit in a SAI
  • Supporting the revision of the CBC guide on human resource management practices.


Auditor of the Future
Video links

Developing pathways for professional development of auditors in a SAI

(Please note that this video is 14 MB and may take time to download/view)



Competency Framework



Please find the membership list of TFIAP here:

TFIAP Membership list 2020


Chair of Task Force

Mr Jan van Schalkwyk


Executive in the Auditor-General’s office • Auditor-General of South Africa
Tel: +27(0)12 422 9823 • Fax: +27(0)12 426 8257 • Mobile: +27(0)82 376 2246 •

Auditor-General of South Africa (AGSA)
P.O. Box 446
Pretoria 0001
South Africa. E-mail:


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